Sometimes you have to go underground to find the soul of a city

I put a lot of time and thought into the question, what is the soul of New Brunswick, NJ? I was thinking about all of the on the surface places like starbucks or a bar, but as I was talking to some residents around the area, it hit me. I went underground to the walkway by the Raritan River where I can honestly say over thousands of artists and New Brunswick residents alike have come to visit and express their creativity down under. Wall to floor covered in amazing graffiti art, see it here. The entrance is located off of Albany Street right at the start of the Raritan River. Learn about what is truly the soul of New Brunswick from three residents of the area !


The opening of this new store wont let the economy get them down!

Enamor Me, now open, is a “one stop gift shop” for all your gift giving needs from babies to pets to your teenage daughter. I was given a great opportunity to interview the two owners of this store that insists on turning your moments into memories. Listen as they talk about their fears and aspirations for Enamor Me’s opening during our current economic situation.

Rutgers University Does Football Right!

Rutgers University has been playing football since 1869, that means fans have been tailgating since then too! Tailgating is an important part of the football experience, it is where fans come together to unite, drink, dance and get amped up for each game. This past weekend Rutgers beat the Cincinnati Bear cats 20 – 3 and I was there to capture the memories. Check it out here

A weekend in my life…

This weekend I took three different types of photos: Environmental portrait, mugshot and a detailed shot. I took pictures of my friends to help capture my weekend events.

Sal's Mug Shot
Sal’s Mug Shot

Do you wait more than 20 minutes for a bus at Rutgers? You’re not alone…

I thought my bus experiences were bad here at Rutgers. I mean one time it took me about an hour to get home from Livingston Campus because our bus skidded on ice ! Talk about a scary experience. Similarly, Rutgers University Senior Jacalyn Szaro takes Rutgers transportation everyday and just about everyday her commute is a long process. Listen to her interview HERE to learn more about her experiences as a Rutgers Campus traveler

A Day in the Life of a Rutgers Student

Recently I interviewed Brank Banic a junior at Rutgers University. I talked to her about her school life here at the University. She mentioned her love of sports and talked about her major and what she really enjoys about it. Branka is a very interesting person who has a great personality. She is hard working, dedicated and is always on a mission to better herself. Click her name to learn more about Branka !

Giada De Laurentiis

Hey Readers!

I wanted to talk about someone who I really look up to. As an aspiring chef one of the most influential women of authority in my eyes is Giada De Laurentiis. I first heard of her as I was turned to the Food Network Channel and saw “Everyday Italian” was on. Tuning into the first episode because of my love for Italian cuisine I was pleasantly surprised by the program. Giada is a Chef who was born and raised in Italy.  Besides her culinary skills she is also a writer and TV personality. I can really relate to her because she was born into a large family where cooking and homelike is very important. Within my Indian culture food and family is equally as important. Giada takes a lot of what she knows from her early life and puts that knowledge and love into her cooking which really comes through in the finished product. To meet Giada would be a dream, just to get to know her and learn about her experiences, struggles and thoughts would be an experience of a lifetime.

Giada has her own website, to get to know her more definitely take a look here !